Stationary Concrete Products Machines

Constructed for high quality mass production.

Through more than 60 years of experience and constant development OMAG was able to maintain their position as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of concrete products machines. Currently there are more than 300 concrete products plants from OMAG operating around the world, producing outstanding quality blocks, pavers, curbstones, retaining wall blocks and much more. With the OMAG-TRONIC Series they ensure versatility and flexibility in the production to meet the demands of the different markets and maximize the profit of producers.

OMAG offers high efficient production solutions in full-automatic and semi-automatic versions using large pallet sizes and high production speed to enable you to achieve your targets.

Mobile Concrete Products Machines

Machines for efficient production

Mobile Egg Layer Machines

KNAUER block making machines have a long tradition in Germany and the world. The first automatic KNAUER egg layers for the production of concrete blocks and palisades were developed in the 50s and 60s.

Over the past 60 years, KNAUER continued to expand the range of their block making machines and developed new state-of-the-art concepts for the production of, blocks, pavers and curb stones.
KNAUER mobile machines are available in full automatic as well as semi-automatic versions.

The Standard 129 A Machine can be equipped with a face mix filling unitand a vibration table to produce pavers and curbstones with 2 layers 

KNAUER Multimaster

The MULTIMASTER is a versatile machine which can produce blocks, pavers, curbstones, palisades and many other products.

The Multimaster was developed to meet the changing demand in the world markets where customers are looking for a medium size production plant or those who have a limited space and still want to have the full range of products as a stationary large pallet machine.

The production process is simple and does not require a sophisticated handling system like stationary machines.