This section describes our key equipment & moulds for the production of precast concrete elements used in civil works.

Bridge elements

MOLDTECH manufactures moulds and casting bed systems for manufacturing any type of bridge girder according to AASHTO, CPCI, NPCAA, or any other international standard. Please check pages 20-21 for more information regarding our casting bed systems.

This mould is a hybrid between a tilting table and a battery mould. There are 2 surfaces: one horizontal and one vertical. On the horizontal surface one could cast panels with for instance a first layer of bricks, natural stone, marble etc. and a second layer of reinforced concrete and insulation material. After casting the horizontal surface, this is tilted forming one piece with the vertical part as if it were a battery mould. The vertical part, in which previously has been placed its own reinforcement, electric circuit cables and boxes etc.. is then casted obtaining a smooth finish of the other panel surface.

Moldtech offers moulds for precast concrete elements for roads and bridges like L0, L1, L2, L3, A0, A1, A2, A3, P1, P2, C1, C2, C3, CP2, C2, P2, T2, prestressed concrete slabs and reinforced concrete elevations. They are produced according to the European normas and the IPTANA projects.

Vibropressed dry cast box culvert mould MT20

High productivity system for the production of box culverts using dry cast.


  • One mould for sizes from 2 x 2 to 4 x 3
  •  Mould can be installed without previous civil works 
  • Possibility of using various thicknesses
  •  Maximum stiffness
  •  All functions are carried out hydraulically
  • • Easy transport from one production site to the next

Adjustable mould for box culvert wet cast

Manual system to manufacture wetcast box culverts. The mould allows to insert or take out panels in order to adjust the size and thickness of the pieces. It is easily operated allowing demoulding in few minutes. It allows manufacturing pieces with or without spigot joint. With two sets of bases the system allows manufacturing up to two pieces a day. It can be easily transported and installed at the construction site.

It is possible to insert stoppers in order to cast two half frames with spigot connections. This feature allows casting concrete pieces in dimensions that are easier to manipulate, store and transport.

Mould for half frame

Mould for making large size half frames
The length of the mould can be made adjustable and can include hydraulics for opening and closing. The bases of the mould can regulate the height of the casted element and can incorporate a spigot former. A transversal separator can be inserted to adjust the width of the half frame. Furthermore, the mould features a gangway, a vibration and a heating system.

Turner for box culvert and pipes

Turner for box culvert and pipes 90º
This turner for box culverts and pipes comes with CE marking and is designed to turn the pieces 90º to their final position. The machine performs the movement by a hydraulic system, which is composed of cylinders and a control unit with electrical panel. The turner can be easily transported by overhead crane or forklift.

Moulds for 3D elements

This machinery allows the production of elements with 4 sides plus the floor or ceiling and allows to have a seamless connection between the sides. Examples of applications are transformer stations, underground waste containers, prison cells, housing modules, toilets, etc.

  •  Minimal conical inclination.
  •  Hydraulic demoulding.
  •  Rapid system for taking out exterior walls.
  •  Custom made designs.

Turner 180º for 3D elements

This machine is designed to turn 3D elements by automatic movements a total of 180º. It can turn underground containers, transformer stations and other 3D elements that are casted upside-down. Control unit activates hydraulic telescopic cylinders which turn elements up to 40 T.

Moulds for New Jersey barriers

MOLDTECH designs and manufactures moulds for any type of concrete barriers and parapets. These moulds are produced in accordance to the specifications of our clients and the local legislation. We have wide experience manufacturing moulds for EN 1317-2 test approved barriers and can adapt our moulds to meet any safety requirement.

Turner for New Jersey barrier

Turner for extracting and turning the New Jersey barrier. This turner can be attached to forklift truck and works autonomously by diesel generator. It comes with remote control.

Moulds for bridge wings & prestressed road slabs

High productivity machinery system for manufacturing reinforced and prestressed concrete slabs for highway projects. It is a highly automated process allowing manufacturing many meters a day with very few workers.

Equipment for road construction

Mould for highway retaining walls
Mould for manufacturing L shaped retaining walls for highway projects. Its functioning is similar to a tilting table. Easy demoulding system that allows extracting and handling the pieces with a forklift.

Carrousel system for precast concrete elements

We design and manufacture carrousel type installations for different types of reinforced precast elements like cable trays, manholes, decorative elements etc.. The carrousel moves the moulds alongside the different stations such as filling, steam assisted curing, demoulding and cleaning. The carrousel makes it possible to manufacture large quantities of elements on a continuous basis.