This section describes our key equipment & moulds for the production of precast concrete elements used in industrial and commercial buildings.

Equipment for pre-stressed elements

The pre-stressed elements are manufactured on a universal casting bed with the sides of the mould giving shape to the the desired pieces. The pre-stressed cables are retained by so-called stressing heads located at each extreme side of the bed. The bed is used for the fabrication of any pre-stressed element for industrial, residential or civil works structure.

Moldtech stressing heads are designed, calculated and made according to the sections of beams and girders to be casted and to the amount of tension to be applied. Stressing heads include safety lids to enclose the stressing grips and protect the operator. The active stressing head includes a set of hydraulic cylinders in order to perform a controlled de-tensioning operation.

Self-stressing system whereby the prestressing force of the strands is absorbed by lateral beams in order to reduce the amount of civil works during installation. This system is more suited for casting beds of around 50 to 70 meters.

Moldtech manufactures mould sides for any type of beam and girder to be used with the different types of casting bed systems. Mould sides are tailor made according to client´s requirements and designs and they can be built in sectional and longitudinal modules in order to achieve different sizes and the required configuration.

Beam mould sides for casting beds

Moulds sides for prestressed elements

Specific moulds

Mould sides and upper mould for ‘omega’ shaped elements, such as roof slabs or even ‘omega’ beams for viaducts. This equipment is easily integrable with facilities for the production of hollow core slabs.

Self supporting TT mould for roofs or pre-slabs of industrial and commercial buldings such as parking garages.

Beam moulds

Other moulds for reinforced beams and girders

Moulds for columns

Double moulds for making two columns at the same time. The mould allows different columns sections and opens and closes hydraulically. Possibility to have corbels on tree sides.

Moldtech manufactures different types of moulds for reinforced concrete columns. Simple and double moulds, hydraulically or manually operated, we can build moulds according to any client´s requirement. This mould allows incorporating corbels on the four sides of the column and at almost any position alongside its length. The functioning of the mould is completely hydraullic.

Simple moulds for manufacturing one column. These moulds can be manually operated with dettachable or collapsible sides or with hydraullic system to operate opening and closing movements.

Examples of precast in industrial buildings

Use of precast columns in industrial buildings.

Tilting tables for industrial panels

Tilting tables manufacture precast concrete panels which are used for the closing of industrial and public buildings.

These tables are manufactured according to client´s specifications and normally have two dettachable or collapsible sides for manufacturing panels with a fixed height.


Examples of precast panels